Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2009: A year in review......... by Shaboda

Another crazy year is in the books people!

Of course every gig we play has SOMETHING memorable about it, but here are some highlights for you....

  • 1st show of the Year at Harry's - Joe and Chuck's B-Day show! A jammin' good night!
  • Leon's in February - where Ed and Jodi got engaged on stage on Valentine's Day.
  • Our St Patrick's Day Bash at McMenamy's was off the chain with green goodness!!
  • Harry's in April for Shaboda's B-Day and our 6 Year Anniversary! Rock n' Roll!
  • Our 1st show at the Greenville Moose - WOW there were a LOT of drink chips!
  • Party on the Plaza - the weather held out - and we didn't get cancelled this time.
  • Sportsterz on the 4th of July! - We love that place! They treated us like Metallica.
  • Harry's Beach Party - Hawaiian shirts and a somewhat defalted pool as a backdrop.
  • Dave Grohl Alley Dedication - *Freakin' Awesome Event* - If you missed it, you suck.
  • Rust Fest at B&O Station - Great bands and great times chillin' in the dressing room :)
  • Halloween at Harry's - it's always is off the chain, and this year was no exception!
  • Turkey Day Weekend at McMenamy's - a huge-ass party. A great time had by all.
  • Christmas show at Papa Louie's - great to be back and celebrate the holidays!
  • New Year's Eve at McMenamy's - A lot of work but definately worth it! It Rocked!

All in all... it's been another great year for the band. I can honestly say, I have never had more fun playing with Chuck Joe and Mike.... and it's supposed to be fun, right!?! It's supposed to be a release from that ugly thing we call the 'work week'. I hope we can keep doing this for a long time to come. Thanks to all of our good friends and family for all of the continuing support. Hope to see you all at a show (or 2) in 2010.

Rock n' Roll...


Monday, December 22, 2008

2008: The Wrap up!

2008: The Wrap up!

2008.... A strange year indeed.

Filled with extreme low's and extreme high's.....a rollercoaster if you will. :)

After Joe's successful operation in April to remove a vocal chord polyp, and the addition of our new drummer Chuck to the lineup in June, we were ready to rock 'n roll once again.... it was just going to take some hard work to get ready for our 1st gig back, but we buckled down, and got down to business...We have to hand it to Chuck, because he didn't have much time to prepare, and he has done a great job! We're thrilled he's on board!

Little did we know it at the time, 2008 would end up being one of our best years yet.

Our return to the stage:

Aug 2nd 2008 at the Fourth Annual Cusick Music Festival. A lot of our good friends came out to support us.... and it really was a special day for us. We also got to share the stage with some great bands again this year. It was a powerful show, and dare we say borderline emotional, because at the beginning of the year we weren't sure what the status of the band would be....so to use a quote from Joe, all things considered, we were feeling pretty damn good!

Next stop was Buhl Day:

With our 1st gig in the books, we geared up for Buhl Day. What a great time! The whole day was amazing. Again, the support from everyone was awesome... and it was the biggest outdoor stage we've played on to date. When we started our set, it felt like being shot out of a cannon. The energy was so intense you could just feel it like electricity on stage. What a freakin' rush. From the parade, to the show... and the after party... When you are a part of a great event such as this, it's something that goes down in the books as something you'll never forget.

Next was McMenamy's:

Our 1st gig at a new place, and our 1st club gig since Dec '07. Our good friends in Wicked opened up the night for us. They put on a great performance and got the night movin'! It's one of our new favorite places to play, and we'll be there a lot in 2009! :)

Missy and Matt's Wedding: Sonic Age at the Buhl Mansion!? Whhhaaatt?? You don't say! Well, yes we do say! We even had some people from across the street interested in what was up :)

Missy and Matt are great new friends of the band, It was great to be part of their special day!

Our 3rd annual Halloween Bash at Harry's was the best one yet! The Fruit of the Loom crew was in da' house!!!! It was also our 1st time back at Harry's in close to a year, and doing the whole night on our own... talk about trial by fire. :) The place was packed and it looked like a warzone when we left at 4:00 am - but that's how we roll!

Can't wait 'till next year!

The Drawbar in November:

Bad to the bone rock 'n roll party! We love the folks at the Drawbar, cuz we know they love to have a good time, and we hadn't seen them in a while, so we had a feeling the show would be a good one! This show was also known as the 'tanktop/sleeveless blowout special' night.

Our 2nd trip to McMenamy's: We came back in November, and it was 'off the chain'!!! A lot of surprise appearances from a lot of friends and 'fans', as well as our good buddy George from the Smack Daddys. (those guys are top notch... like a freakin' machine). He came up and sang a song with us... and even danced most of the night. :) If you missed this show, you definately missed a good one.

The Drawbar in December:

Just as crazy as our November show! So much so, that some pics were omitted, to protect the guilty AND the innocent!! We love you guys out there and we'll see you in Feb '09.

(This picture, is just THE best though, don't you think?)


Finally, our last show of 2008 was "Our Rockin' Christmas Party" at Papa Louie's in December.

We hadn't been to Papa Louie's in over a year.... so the anticipation was at a high. So many familiar faces from long ago came out to support us, as well as members of Capitol Court, the Barflies, and On-3. This was another show where the energy level was surging... you could just feel it in the air!

A great way to wrap up a year that started out in the shitter, and ended on a high note.

In Closing -

We're happy that we can still do this..... with 2 lineup changes and almost 6 years later. Thanks to all of our family and friends, fans, and the fellow musicians for their kind words and support, especially when we were down and out.

We'll see ya in '09, ready to rip the roof off your weekend once again!

Joe - Steve - Mike - Chuck ----------*Sonic Age*

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sonic Age in 2008

A new Line Up....

New Songs...

A New CD in the making....

A new energy....

Sonic Age 3.0 is here and ready to rock your weekend once again!

Sat. October 25th - Halloween Party!!

Sharpsville Bar Crawl!


Main St - Sharpsville, Pa.


Sat. Nov 8th

The Drawbar

RT 358 - Hadley, Pa.


Sat. Nov 29th

McMenamy's (website)

Rt 422 - Niles, Oh.


Sat. Dec. 13th

The Drawbar

RT 358 - Hadley, Pa.


Sat. Dec. 20th

Papa Louie's Motocross Cafe'

Old Rt. 82 - Brookfield, Oh.

Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Wrap Up

Well folks.... this is it.... the last day of 2007... what a year it was... here are some highlights:

The 1st one that deserves mention is the 'Monster Inside SURPRISE' party put on by Amy, Val, Carol and Laura. A surprise party to mark the release of our first CD, complete with a band history 'shadow box' and a 'Monster Inside' cake!! It was really the best! What a great evening... we love our ladies :)


The next highlight is surely the CD release party @ Harry's - We 'retired' our old banner, where the crowd got to sign it and leave some comments :) Our CD was in the jukebox....It was an awesome evening... one that will definately go down in the books as one to always remember.


Next mention has to be our St Patty's Bash @ Leon's! We always love to play St Pattys Day and this one was jammin'! We LOVE that green!


The next highlight really is something special.... we had the opportunity to do our first all acoustic gig at Barnes and Noble. We had the opportunity to play songs from the CD, and promote the sale of the CD at the store. Special thank you again to Amy @ 1st Book. It was really a special thing to walk in to the sight of Monster Inside posters, and hear your own CD playing lightly through the store PA as people read their books and sipped on their coffee. The response from the crowd and staff was a warm one....truley a great night for us - and we say thank you!


The 2007 Wrap Up can't be posted without the mention of Cusick Fest! This was the 2nd year for us and we had a great time... we're glad the weather held out this time... it was a fun day filled with beer, food, friends, and music ALL DAY LONG!!! Ya can't beat that!!!


Now we gotta talk about the HUGE Halloween BASH at Harry's..... [Eric took EXTRA time to shave his legs this year,, so we knew it was gonna rock for sure!] We even had our own softball team complete with cheerleader! We started the Halloween bash @ Harry's in '06, and because of you it's been a huge success and we're already on the books for next year. It really is the best Halloween Party in town and we have all of you to thank for it!


We also wanna mention our gig in Sarver, Pa. It's important for us to try to play new places when we can... even if it is a little bit of a trek to get there. The folks at Peter B's were great and we'll be visiting them again!

We gotta mention the fun at Billy's Black and Gold... It was Thanksgiving Weekend and it was a great gig to play before the madness of the holiday season!

In December we were one of the bands featured on CD93.3's Homegrown Show ("Monster Inside" was played) - it's great to hear a local radio station supporting local original music! Special thanks to our friend Viking Jim at The Wolf for his support!


In Closing... it's been a great freakin' year.....and really, we only have YOU to thank! Without you, we couldn't do what we do. We try to make every night, a night to remember... thanks for making it possible folks! 2008 will surely have it's highlights as well... we are learning a lot of different material and writing for CD #2! We'll just have to wait and see what the new year brings!

Happy New Year - and we'll see ya in 2008!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Hi all!

Ya know, we never stop doing something in the Sonic Age camp..... in this case that means starting to write more originals! It's been a great experience to release "Monster Inside", and all of you made it even better by embracing the music and really giving it a chance. [At the rate things are going right now, we will probably be 'out of stock' of the CD by the new year]. What a great feeling to see you singing the lyrics back to us when we play the songs live! It's rewarding to know that you dig it!
When we started this band in early 2003 (OUR 5 YEAR anniversary is just around the corner), we wanted to be more than just another cover band..... and you've made it possible for us to do that! It's been a long road so far... playing A LOT of shows at A LOT of different places. We've been in the trenches, paying our dues to make this band work! We'll never rest, because we want to make the live experience as fun and interesting as possible for the folks that come to see us. We are grateful you support us, and we want you to stay.

To those folks that always follow us... at all different venues in PA and OHIO... We are humbled by your friendship and support of this band, and we don't take it for granted, and never will. We want all of you to know that we really think you guys are the best and we want to say THANK YOU!! [You know who you are].
This fall is gonna be a kick ass time for the band... Playing in the 'new room' at Leons on OCT 13, partying with our friends at the DrawBar OCT 20, and returning to Harry's again for a crazy Halloween Bash on OCT 27.

November will be a twist: with several new places to play like Peter B's in Sarver PA and Billy's Black and Gold in Sharon PA. It's gonna be a fun time so make sure ya make it to some gigs!

**** ROCK ON PEOPLE ****

<*> SONIC AGE <*>

Friday, August 03, 2007

What's new with Sonic Age

Hey all - its been a while since any of us have had time to post an update on whats new with Sonic Age so I just want to take a quick sec and get everyone up to speed with some of the stuff we have planned for the band. First off, this year has been pretty awesome- lots of new places to play (look for us at 804, Jump in Jack's Chicken Shack, Chestnut, and Peter B's among other places) tons of new songs and many new fans of what we do. Even thought there is a ton of local competition out there (all great and very talented) we are proud to say we still keep going strong and still stay on course- to be the best rock band we can be while still doing our own original project as well.

We are once again invited to play the annual Cusick's Music Festival along with 6 other awesome acts. This years fest promises to be the best one yet and the weather looks quite agreeable! We will be selling shirts and Monster Inside CDs for 5$ each -this event only. SO if you haven't had a chance to sample some local music now is your chance- we promise you won't be disappointed! Unfortunately, we have very limited quantities of our CD Monster Inside left, so get one while you can.

Watch for us to be doing some unplugged shows in the near future. Our first one is August 10th at Chestnut St. in Sharon Pa. Its a chance for us to do something different and for you all to hear us do some songs we wouldn't normally get the chance to do and it should be a lot of fun! We have a few more unplugged shows scheduled in the later months - we'll keep you posted.
As far as our original projects go- we have started writing songs for our next CD and it seems to be going well. Some of the songs are already sounding great even though they are barely finished! We look forward to getting this stuff tracked and sharing it with you as soon as possible!

More to come!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Sonic Age Now Endorsed By S.I.T. Strings!

We are proud to announce that S.I.T. Strings out of Akron, OH has given Sonic Age an endorsement deal! We welcome them into the fold along with other sponsors such as Mike's Hard Lemonade and InTune Guitar Picks and appreciate the support and the confidence they have in us. Mike & Steve will be supporting the cause and playing S.I.T. guitar strings exclusively! Also, be on the lookout for S.I.T. String give-a-way's at our shows.

With the release of our 1st full length all original CD, "Monster Inside" we have solidified ourselves as not just a typical "cover band" but as a creative force in local music here in the Valley. We have a full schedule of shows both in support of our CD and also to party and have fun with our friends - we are also planning a few other projects including a song on an upcoming Nationally released Tribute CD that we will tell you more about very soon. We have also begun writing new songs for our next CD that we will probably start recording early next year!

We are not resting on our laurels, we are committed to making a lasting mark and impression around here - while others may burn out or fade away, we are in for the long run. We Will continue to write and release Cd's as well as play all your favorite dance and party tunes. Stay tunes, the ride has just begun!
Thanks again to everyone at S.I.T. Strings, you guys rock!

- Sonic Age